A New Website
It's been six years since Otto Lejeune and I launched my studio website. In the intervening years, websites have become easier--and more fun--to fiddle with, which means I'll be updating the site on a regular basis.

I just added an inspiration page (Spark) to the site. I always try to have a small camera in my bag; you never know when you'll see something that makes you stop and wonder (and draw a satisfied breath). Now all those wonders can go into the inspiration page. While trying to learn some Italian last spring, my teacher, Paolo, said that "inspiration" translates to ispirazione in Italian, which in turn derives from the Latin word inspirare, which means "to breathe in," with a further poetic inference of infusing the soul with creative flow.
And I found this:

Inspiration derives from the Latin word spirare (breathe) and that likely came from the prehistoric Indo-European base speis or peis, an imitation of the sound of blowing or breathing out. The Indo-European root is also the source of Old Slavonic piskati (whistle), Serbo-Croatian pistati (hiss) and Old Norse fisa (fart).